11 Months!

Thanks for all of the love on Baby Reeves! You’re the best supporters a gal could ask for. I hope to continue sharing more on our growth as the weeks go on. Being able to celebrate with so many loved ones makes this time so special.

Speaking of growth, let’s talk about Jay at 11 months! This information is probably interesting to nobody other than grandparents and great grandparents, but here it is for my darling posterity 🙂

Jay turned 11 months on Sunday and he’s as busy as ever. And keeping me as busy as ever.


Sorry for the Snapchat pics, but apparently that’s all I took this week!


Little boy still refuses to spend any time on his tummy and will only crawl (drag) so as to get near enough to you/something else to pull himself up to stand. He’s not great at pulling up by himself yet, probably because he always does it when holding our hands. I think he’s strong enough; he just doesn’t quite understand that he can do it himself. His balance is getting really good. He’s content to hold one finger and toddle around without much need for balancing assistance. I don’t want to put an expected timeline on when he’ll walk by himself because he’s constantly defying my expectations, but I think once he realizes how capable he actually is, he’ll be off and literally running.

I’m fairly confident that his first word is Greer (guh-guh). He can say Mama but I haven’t seen the proof of him using it in context, yet. We can say “Where’s Greer?” and he’ll look around, and he says “guh-guh” when he sees her, but if Tyler says “Where’s Mama?”… crickets. HA! Upstaged by our annoying dog.


He is sleeping terribly these days. I think he woke up 5 times last night? He’s had a tummy thing going on for a while that we’re trying to figure out, and that is definitely part of it, but every time I go in (like the sucker I am) he’s on his tummy with both hands on the bars of his crib. I suspect he’s so preoccupied with figuring out all of the movement stuff that he’s waking up and trying things out, getting frustrated, and wanting to be soothed back to sleep. I got news for ya, buddy boy: sleep training round 3 is coming. Mama would like at least 6 months of decent nights before we start all over again.

He’s incredibly blonde and people are still saying that he looks so much like Tyler. I agree! But I also see a resemblance between Jay and my baby pictures. He’s a mix of both of us, I think, but the blue eyes and hair really have people seeing Tyler in him.

We’re trying to get a little first birthday party planned for mid-June with a small group of friends from Georgia, and will hopefully be able to celebrate with more family when we head back to the midwest later this summer. It’s never too late to party!