made-up noun | the state of being a military wife



I currently reside with my husband and baby boy in the humid, Southern glory of Columbus, Georgia. Based on the made-up name of this blog you may have deduced that he’s in the armed services for the US of A: specifically serving in the Army’s infantry as a 2nd Lieutenant.

I’ve always had a habit of documenting life in writing, though it’s historically been in journals. I thought I’d take it slightly more public after we had our son, since everyone is interested in keeping up with him (can’t blame them), and because we’re about to head into years of living hundreds of miles from any family or old friends.

And because I’m the reflective sort with interests galore, I plan on also writing about books, faith, interior design, health, Millennial issues, and a host of other things.  I claim to be an expert on nothing but enjoy thinking and learning about nearly everything, so please contribute and say hello via comments! If there’s one thing I need as we venture into the great unknown, it’s community.

Thank you for being part of mine!