Hello, hello, hello.

I’m back from a whole lot of nothing, but a necessary nothing. I had to retract into my non-blogging turtle shell this past month (or two) or so because life has been both under and overwhelming.

Underwhelming because until two days ago, not a single step was made toward moving to New York. It somehow took six weeks for Tyler’s orders to be produced and in this world, nothing happens till you have the paperwork to prove it needs to happen. Applying for housing at Fort Drum is included in that, so we’ve just been hanging in limbo, hesitantly packing the superfluous objects around the house…waiting, wishing, and hoping for that bone to be tossed our way.

And overwhelming because, well, I’m getting closer to the third trimester by the day and we don’t know when we’ll get our house up there. Not exactly conducive for nesting, you know? Now we’re 8th on a waiting list that was completely clear when I called to check on it two weeks ago (pre-orders…grrr) and the estimated time they’ll give us a house is early-to-mid October. Not bad–there are some places where the waiting list is years–but not ideal.

We finally got orders to report at the end of September (thank you, Lord!) and they want us to start clearing out of here in about two weeks. We’ll be keeping all of our things in a storage unit in New York until a house becomes available and trying to make the most of the in-between time by seeing family and friends. We waited so long for the orders that I’m trying to concentrate on being grateful that they’re finally here and that we can start making preparations to move and take long-awaited time away from Army life. That being said, I don’t think I’ll fully be able to take a deep breath until we’re in our new place and all of my prenatal care has been successfully transferred. There’s not a hospital on post, so I’ll have to go to a local hospital in the city of Watertown to deliver. Most days, it feels like so much to juggle with a happy face, and having never PCSed (the military term meaning Permanent Change of Station, aka moving), we are having to throw up our best guesses (and plenty o’ prayers) on a lot of the logistics.

Someday we’ll look back on this time and probably roll our eyes at how naive and anxious we were about it all, but it feels pretty heavy in the moment. I keep reminding myself that almost everyone turned a laboring Virgin Mary away and she still managed to give birth with dignity and make a home for her little family, and if she can make do in a stable, I figure I can handle whatever our temporary housing looks like.

Darn! I didn’t mean for this to be such a blah “welcome back to the Reeves life” post. We have so much going for us: a strong marriage, steady income, good health, thriving kids, plenty of support from family and friends, and there are joyful moments on the daily. Life is life, though, and this is our cross for the time being. If you’re the praying kind, please remember us in yours. Lots of love from our crazy crew and see you soon with happier and more exciting updates!