July 14th, we found out that we’re having another BOY! He looks healthy, is nice and active, and measured in the 75th percentile. Another big, handsome guy to love. How fortunate am I?!


We truly had no preference between having another boy or having a girl, but I’d say if I had to pick between the two, I was maybe slightly more excited at the idea of having a second boy. He and Jay will be about 17 months apart, and the thought of two little boys growing up close in age just makes me smile. I’m already plotting their bedroom design for a couple years down the road when they’ll be old enough to share, although I’m sure they’ll use exactly none of it how I intend. Jay already amazes me with the way he can use innocent objects in dangerous ways. I still have a lot to learn 😉

Below is a nitty-gritty pregnancy update. I don’t blame you if you want to skip it, and the short version is that everything is just fine!

Doctor appointments:

I have an appointment today and will probably do my glucose test to make sure I haven’t acquired gestational diabetes. I’d be surprised if that was the case, but you never know! You can take the test anywhere between 24 and 28 weeks (I’m a little over 24), but I’d like to get it done today since it’ll be my last appointment in Fort Benning. I’m not sure what kind of break to expect in my care while we move and want the heads-up if I have something that needs to be watched.


I’ve been way more active this pregnancy than I was with Jay. Some of that is purely a function of my lifestyle since keeping track of a toddler doesn’t mean I can sit down and rest. I’ve also been making it to the gym for a 30-45 minute workout a few times a week, so feeling pretty strong and normal. I’ve had a bit more back pain this go-around than I did with Jay, and I’m  suspecting that it’s because of the way this guy is positioned, although I also have a suspicion that he’s also bigger than Jay was at this point. Just a guess though.

My weight gain has been good so far! I didn’t have the setback of morning sickness this pregnancy and am currently up about 12 pounds. Most of that was packed on in the last 8 weeks. I think at 16 weeks I had only gained 2!! Feeling big because of how quickly we’ve grown, but also right on track. Overall, I’m aiming for a gain of 25-30 pounds this pregnancy. I gained 20 with Jay and felt like it wasn’t quite enough since I lost it pretty quickly after he was born, plus about an additional 10 pounds by his 6 month birthday. I don’t feel too comfortable weighing less than I did before this pregnancy, so hoping to gain about 30 to eventually put me back right around there. I definitely feel I have to be more conscientious with what I’m eating during this pregnancy (especially given the massive second trimester growth spurt I’ve had) but overall, really pleased!


If you couldn’t tell by my last post, I’m fighting stress hard right now. I’ve felt more moody with this pregnancy overall, but the move is weighing on my mind more than I’d like it to. I’m ready to feel settled and be able to concentrate on making a new community and home for this baby, our family, and myself. I have nothing but excitement about having another baby, though! Maybe the nerves will kick in closer to his due date, but the initial anxiety I felt about adding another child to our family has largely disappeared. I’m not even really anxious about labor/delivery. It helps so much to know what to expect in terms of pain and pain management, although I wouldn’t say I’ve come close to forming any semblance of a birth plan. I’ll write about it if I ever do…

Happy happy new week!