Weekend Takes

Now that we have a ONE-year-old I catch myself calling him a baby and correcting to toddler… a title that he’s thoroughly earned! Although he still likes to hold hands and tote me around the house to ensure greater stability on his expeditions, he’s walking pretty confidently. He still has a long way to go on stair […]

Catching Up

Hey everyone! Sorry about the absence. We’ve had a lot going on the last few weeks, starting with: Tyler’s graduation from IBOLC! Woo. Hoo. It feels so good to get another training class under our belts! Jay and I spent most of the time wandering around the back of the auditorium with the rest of […]

A Year With the Army

March marked one year that our family has been with the Army, although I just seem to be processing it now! I blame it on Jay’s stormy period that began around then 😉 So here we are, one year down, at least two to go… maybe 19+ more if we go “all the way.” I […]

A new…

baby!! !!!! We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be welcoming another little soul in late November or early December. Probably early December if previous experience is any indication 😉 I’m about 12 1/2 weeks along right now and the baby is looking GREAT, praise God. I had my twelve week appointment last Thursday and […]

Jays of the Week

This past weekend we went back to Indianapolis and Bloomington for Tyler’s friends’ wedding! It was so much fun to see our family and old friends. Jay did great on both plane rides and was such a trooper with all the traveling. He’s used to spending his days with just boring ol’ Mom, so it […]

Let’s Hear It for the Girls

Nothing has validated the strength in my womanhood like being a mother has. I expected to surrender some of my overt, pant-suited girl power when I stopped working outside of the home. People liked to remind me not to “lose myself” after I had a baby, and it made me worry that leaving work for childcare […]

On Connecting

Today I’m linking up with Shay to talk about how Tyler and I keep our marriage strong. It’s the perfect topic for the Wednesday of the first week we’re back into the routine of managing long days apart. Now that we’re not together for the majority of the day, we have to work extra hard […]

Friday Takes

This is Tyler’s last weekday before he starts IBOLC…cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth. For those of you unfamiliar with the Army, it stands for Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course and is pronounced “I-bowl-ic.” It’s 17 weeks long, so he’ll graduate around the beginning of June. He’ll get to live at home but it’ll […]

Atlanta Trip

On Monday, we headed to Atlanta for the day! We went with friends of ours to visit the aquarium and the World Of Coca-Cola. The weather was perfect for our day out: overcast, but warm. Jay slept on the way over, so he was ready to go when we got to the aquarium: our first […]