July 14th, we found out that we’re having another BOY! He looks healthy, is nice and active, and measured in the 75th percentile. Another big, handsome guy to love. How fortunate am I?! We truly had no preference between having another boy or having a girl, but I’d say if I had to pick between […]

Not a Baby Person

I love Jay. No question about it. Yet something that surprised me after his birth was how difficult everything seemed, and how unnatural parts of motherhood felt. I love kids, and I always have. Why was parenting my very own so difficult? Part of the struggle was undoubtedly overcoming the delusion that accompanied the joy […]

Let’s Hear It for the Girls

Nothing has validated the strength in my womanhood like being a mother has. I expected to surrender some of my overt, pant-suited girl power when I stopped working outside of the home. People liked to remind me not to “lose myself” after I had a baby, and it made me worry that leaving work for childcare […]

On Communication

April 10, 2016- It’s getting dark as I pull out of my mom’s house and head down the  5 blocks to Sunday evening Mass at the University of Dayton. Walking up the hill to the chapel is a bit more tiring than it used to be as my belly has grown. Lately it seems to be […]


Age: 5.5 months Likes: Eating! He’s tried pureed squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and carrots so far and despite acting like it’s the worst thing he’s ever tasted upon the first bite, he usually starts whining for more if you’re not quick enough with the next bite. It’s an absolute mess, of course, but he’s […]