Jays of the Week

Lots of pictures to share today! We had a visit from my dad and his wife last weekend and it was so fun! We spent most of the time either hanging out around the house or looking around Fort Benning. It was relaxing and always nice to show loved ones where and how we live!



Photo credits to Karen and Dad

Tyler is getting into the last few weeks of IBOLC and it’s meant he’s been gone on a lot of field time. This week he’s only gone today and Friday, but I think from here on out he’s gone almost constantly. The poor guy comes back with horrible poison ivy every dang week. We’re definitely ready for him to be graduated and hopefully to have a little family time before he heads off to Ranger school: another beast entirely.

Jay finally figured out how to move forward on his tummy. I would call his style an injured Army crawl…like he’s inching forward toward the medic after being wounded in the leg since he only uses one of his legs to push himself forward. It’s pretty funny, but he hardly ever uses it since he’s so focused on learning how to walk. If he’s put on his belly, he’ll drag himself (while whining, of course) toward me/Tyler so he can pull up on us and get back to walking practice.

Most notable is his new love of the pool! We have some pools on post that opened on May 1st, and he’s been loving them. He’s been sick this week so we haven’t visited, but he is truly a water baby. He puts his face in the water, splashes and kicks, wants to paddle around on his belly while we hold him, and loves to meet the other kids there. I love it. Seeing him so excited and joyful the first time we went was one of my favorite moments as a parent. These pictures were taken after we got out, so he was a little grumpy 😉


This weekend we’re heading back to Indiana for Tyler’s college buds’ wedding, so we’ll get to visit briefly with more family and friends! So thankful for all the people in our life who continue to support and love us. Come visit!!