Jays of the Week

This past weekend we went back to Indianapolis and Bloomington for Tyler’s friends’ wedding! It was so much fun to see our family and old friends. Jay did great on both plane rides and was such a trooper with all the traveling. He’s used to spending his days with just boring ol’ Mom, so it was a big change for him to be in new places with so many different people. On Saturday night, Tyler’s sister Kathryn babysat him so Tyler and I could have a fun night by ourselves at the wedding. I went back to her apartment between the ceremony and reception to put him to bed, but he did wonderfully! Thanks to Kathryn for giving us the rare freedom to have a date!!

Tyler’s brother Trent took a bunch of pictures while we were visiting them on Saturday morning and he did a great job! So many of them capture Jay’s moods and personality at this point in his life and will always be precious to us for their honesty and sweetness.

There’s nothing like family, is there? I wish we lived closer so that we could spend more time with everyone. It always breaks my heart a little to realize how much Jay has changed since most family last saw him, but such is life. We’ll keep posting here and getting the quality time where we can.

Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers this week. Tyler will be gone until next Wednesday or Thursday in the field doing his final exercises before he graduates on June 2nd! I know he’ll do wonderfully, and this little crew at home will keep our chins up 🙂

Now for the pictures!

Grumpy at Grandma’s
IMG_0940 (1)
Sleeping on the way to the airport
Swimming on Mother’s Day


Love my boy!
Looking at dogs with Dad


jay stroller
About to eat some applesauce