O N E !



About this time one year ago I was standing in the foyer of the hospital, holding you while Gigi went to get the car to take us home. The sweet nurse that walked us down asked me if I knew how tightly to buckle you into the car seat, and I suddenly realized I had no idea. No idea about so many things. There you slept, so sweet and little and quiet, and there I stood, overwhelmed and overjoyed and feeling monstrous with the sheer quantity of love (and trepidation) that had filled me.

You are magnificent, Jay Jay. You have the spirit of a warrior; you fight for exactly what you know you want, when you want it.  Your silly streak, funny dancing, and imitations make us smile with unadulterated joy. The fondness you harbor for dogs has made many an owner view their furry friends with new appreciation, and your dimples and bright eyes make everyone exclaim.

You were almost 31 inches and 22 pounds at your doctor appointment. 10 whole inches grown and 14 pounds gained since birth! Your head size continues to impress with its 99th percentile ranking, and we just know that a big melon will serve you well in life: so much more room to store all that knowledge! You continue to be a champion eater, struggle with sleeping well, and know how to say about 3-4 words and sign “all done.” So proud of you, buddy.

We spent your first birthday with Uncle Will, Gigi, and Daddy. We walked around Barnes & Noble for a bit before we headed out to lunch and you were in pure bliss when we found the toy aisle, pulling every single truck off of the shelves and squealing with delight at a battery operated toy dog that woofs and stands up on his hind legs. How amazing that your interests are so strong and specific, already!


This next year will bring a lot of changes for us. A move and a new baby will call us to transition once again to a new normal, but I don’t worry about you. You’ve remained our adaptable, curious boy no matter where in the world we’ve brought you. I don’t doubt that you’ll take to big brotherhood, either.

You are so loved, Birdie Boy.



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