Jays of the Week

Lots of pictures to share today! We had a visit from my dad and his wife last weekend and it was so fun! We spent most of the time either hanging out around the house or looking around Fort Benning. It was relaxing and always nice to show loved ones where and how we live! […]

Quotable & Review

I’ve been working my way through Anne Lamott’s book, Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace. There are so many good nuggets that I have to write them here so that when I return the book to the library, I don’t forget them. I hope you enjoy them, too. Forgiving people doesn’t necessarily mean you want to […]

Jays of the Week

Jay turned 10 months old last Friday and suddenly 1 seems soooo close! He acquires more and more toddler characteristics by the week. This month, he learned to wave/point (some sort of hybrid!), throw tantrums, say “hah,” and scoot backward on his tummy. The only time he has any motivation to scoot forward is when one […]

Not a Baby Person

I love Jay. No question about it. Yet something that surprised me after his birth was how difficult everything seemed, and how unnatural parts of motherhood felt. I love kids, and I always have. Why was parenting my very own so difficult? Part of the struggle was undoubtedly overcoming the delusion that accompanied the joy […]

Jays of the Week

Wheeee-yewww. It has been a week. Let’s start here. Jay is not crawling and not happy about it. He’s also not happy about sitting alone, sitting with me, sitting in his high chair, bouncing in his bouncer, pureed foods, going to sleep, getting his diaper changed, and pretty much anything but taking walks in the […]

Let’s Hear It for the Girls

Nothing has validated the strength in my womanhood like being a mother has. I expected to surrender some of my overt, pant-suited girl power when I stopped working outside of the home. People liked to remind me not to “lose myself” after I had a baby, and it made me worry that leaving work for childcare […]

Jays of the Week (9 & 10)

Boo!! I totally missed posting last week, so here goes a double. Life is pretty good around here. Last week, Tyler kicked off his field time and was gone for two days. He should’ve been gone two nights, but there was a storm in the area on Wednesday evening with tornado potential, so they cut […]