Weekend Takes

  1. Now that we have a ONE-year-old I catch myself calling him a baby and correcting to toddler… a title that he’s thoroughly earned! Although he still likes to hold hands and tote me around the house to ensure greater stability on his expeditions, he’s walking pretty confidently. He still has a long way to go on stair safety and catching himself when he takes a tumble, but all in good time. It’s such a thrill to see him so proud of himself.

    2. We’re visiting family in Ohio right now and the company during the day is such a breath of air for me. Even though everyone is working, their schedules are different enough that I’m still able to have a lot more adult conversation during the day than I do at home. It makes the day pass so much more quickly! Jay is loving the cooler weather, access to a backyard, lavish attention, and the fun parks in the neighborhood. We’re having a blast even though we miss our main man.

  2. Speaking of the main man… he’s out of Ranger school and working on getting us ready to move to New York! Ranger school came to an unexpected end, but the fact that we’re going to be able to head up north and get settled much sooner has turned out to be a big blessing. Moving is hard enough, but the fact that I would have been quite a bit more pregnant by the expected time of our move (or have already had the baby) was an extra layer of stress. Hopefully, we’ll be in and settled long before baby 2 makes his or her debut. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more about our timeline.
  3. Friday, July 14th is our 20 week anatomy ultrasound and reveal party! I can’t wait to find out if this little kicker is going to be a brother or sister for Jay. The baby is definitely growing based on the way my clothes have started to (not) fit. I can’t remember if I felt this big with Jay at 18 weeks. Probably, although I also feel like I’m carrying higher this time around. Feeling so fortunate to continue to have a healthy pregnancy.

5. I’ve been listening to Bishop Robert Barron’s homilies each week, as well as some of the older ones as I do my jobs through the day. I love his insight, the fact that they’re less than 15 minutes long and still manage to pack a serious spiritual punch, and can remind me exactly of the message of the liturgy long after we’re home from church. Or, given that we spend most of Mass walking around with Jay in the back, giving an alternate homily that can be listened to without the distraction of a distracted toddler. Gold! Thanks to Jenna for linking to the podcast a couple weeks ago and getting me hooked!

6. and 7. Some Jay pics to round it all out. Happy weekend! 


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